vrijdag 31 december 2010

review: Terminal Twilight - Black And Blue / The Fire Of Love

A few weeks ago on one of my night strolls on the internet for new music I came across Terminal Twilight. Immediately I fell in love with their dark disco music. I am not a big fan of (neo) italo music but when it is done just the right way what a nice touch of new wave, synth pop and/or elektro pop I can be seduced. Like for example Sally Shapiro and Tobias Bernstrup before triggered me into this style of music.

Terminal Twilight is like an italo disco version of a David Lynch soundtrack. A bit like Chromatics at times but possibly just that little bit darker. Or like Cosmetics but richer in sound.

Anyway, I wrote the label that released both their first 12" EP and 7" this year, Infite Soundtracks. Straight away I ordered all the last remaining copies of the debut 12" EP and some copies of the recent released 7". They have just arrived here in time for the last day of this year... and I must say Terminal Twilight is for me the best new band out there for 2010.

The "Black And Blue" 12" EP is simply excellent. The title track is a massive dance track for ill lit dancefloors early in the morning. If David Lynch would pick out an (neo) italo disco tune for a scene this would be just the right one. "The Sea" comes in two very different versions. One is very tranquil and gloomy while the other is another perfect dancefloor tune. Slow but perfect... as it should be! Closing track "The Lovers" is a moody piece that would work als the last dance song of the night... A perfect ending for a perfect debut EP!

The second release by Terminal Twilight is a 7" with on the A-side "The Fire Of Love". This is a cover version of the rockabilly song by Jody Reynolds. The original version was used in "Fire Walk With Me"... well it says a lot already that the band picked this track to do a version of. Their interpretation of the song is done very well, resulting in a moody and slow elektro ballad / chanson.

On the B-side is "Air", which was released before on a cassette compilation. It is a spine-chilling track and I think one of the best tracks among all these tracks. Done in sort of duet way this gloomy and spacey slow synth song is there to trigger your senses and keep you coming back for more...

With Terminal Twilight as one of the highlights of 2010 and the best new band of the year for me I am happy to enter the night and drive into the future...

You can get copies of these records at the Enfant Terrible webshop here...

Hear "The Sea" here...

See and hear "The Fire Of Love" here...

Hear "Air" here...

dinsdag 21 december 2010

review: Haus Arafna - You

It has been a few years since the last Haus Arafna album was released. "Butterfly" was released in 2003. This album showed a shift from more old school power electronics to more evident classic minimal electronics. Now seven years later "You" is released. At first listening the album felt to me like shifted more towards a contemporary November Növelet sound. But I was mistaken... very much...

While November Növelet has gone synth pop in a very cold and dark way, Haus Arafna goes (again) for full terror impact on all your senses. Opening tracks 'Pain To Love' and 'You Don't Believe Me' maybe sound a bit like the side project November Növelet but then 'You' and 'Judas Kiss' are making sure you know what you are listening to.

These tracks and also a piece like 'Colony Colapse' are absolute there to attack your nerve system. Throbbing, ultra dark, aggressive electronic pulses are aimed at your brain and body with success. Haus Arafna is one of the few music projects around that really knows how to combine interesting sound sculptures with music that really touches you... or maybe hurts you... anyway if this music does not do anything with you... well... you must be dead already...

Some other tracks are disturbing due to their moody, desolate and misanthrophic feeling that surrounds you while listening. For example 'Today You Died' and 'Lucifer' are truly haunting pieces of electronic music.

A masterpiece of sonic terror!!

Some copies of the decadent packaged vinyls are in the Enfant Terrible webshop...

maandag 29 november 2010

review: Moon Duo - Escape

This duo from San Francisco really set me off on a trip with their latest EP "Escape". I believe that in the meantime they already released another 7 inch and a split 7 inch... but this 12" EP does it big time for me.

Last year they released two more 12"'s of which one through Sacred Bones... known from Zola Jesus and Factums to name just two other excellent contemporary acts from the USA.

Anyway this new EP has all the elements to please the real freak out there... it has the minimalistic way of doing things like Suicide did, the drums (from a machine / sample) and the guitar are doing their thing in that classic Jesus and Mary Chain way and then all of this is done in a 60's acid rock style. For me this description already sounds like heaven but from vinyl... well... it is like the trip I always wanted...

Blasting loud through my speakers in a slightly lit room... dozing off on these tracks that take about 7 minutes each... I feel like lying in a corner on the floor at one of these acid test Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters pulled off... still I could stand up and dance my head off in the flickering strobelights at any moment soon...

"Escape" is released on the Woodsist label from fellow acid heads Woods. There is also this recent compilation out on Woodsist entitled "Welcome Home: Diggin'The Universe - A Woodsist Compilation". There is another great track from Moon Duo on that one. Next to that you will hear various contemporary interpretations of psychedelic and beat music from a total of thirteen bands. Worth checking out too...

Moon Duo is planning to tour Europe spring 2011 together with Turkish band Kim Ki O. Kim Ki O of course recently releases their debut LP "Dans" on my Enfant Terrible label.

Well... that is it... sorry I am back to my trip now... join me by tuning into Moon Duo here...

dinsdag 9 november 2010

review: Puin+Hoop - Door

Maybe you know Dutch experimental band Puin+Hoop from their great track on the "Kamp Holland" compilation. In a way they play "ambient" or "drone" music. But... it is way too easy to classify this band like that. It would do them no justice at all.

The sounds these musicians create and the structures where these sounds are placed in go beyond the easy styles like dark ambient and drone music. That music is often very simple and most of the acts in that field of music sound the same. What sets Puin+Hoop apart from most of these acts is that their music is intelligent and adventurous.

References can be found in the worlds of free-jazz and contemporary classical music. Possibly a suiting way to describe the music by Puin+Hoop is electro-acoustic pop music. Still pop music as it also has a light touch... it is not hard to consume and you do not need to know anything about any theories on music to fully enjoy this music. You can simple sit back and tune in on the trip the musicians have prepared for you.

This album "Door" is released on Dutch label Narrominded, who also release Hunter Complex amongst others. You can get it on cd in a nice handmade cover or as free download.

Saturday 13 November 2010 they present this album with a night of live music and improvisation. Several artists will join Puin+Hoop on stage for some improvisation sessions. Among them Murw and Hunter Complex, for both see also "Kamp Holland". This concert night will take place in Theater Kikker, Utrecht, The Netherlands. See here for all details...

I look forward to hear much more adventurous music from these musicians. In the meantime there is "Door" and there are numerous self released cd-r's to enjoy.

zondag 24 oktober 2010

event: 12 Nov Enfant Terrible night live: Bronze / Death Sentence:PANDA! + performance Renée van Trier + dj's Rude66 / M / Kramp

Enfant Terrible presents: Bronze (USA), Death Sentence: PANDA! (USA) and Renée van Trier (NL)

Friday 12 November 2010 there is yet another Enfant Terrible label night. And, as many times before at the great OCCII place in Amsterdam, NL. This time on stage two exotic bands from the USA and a daring performance by upcoming Dutch artist Renée van Trier.

Live on stage will be Bronze and Death Sentence: Panda!. Bronze made a great debut with their vinyl single on Enfant Terrible last year. Retro psychedelic music done with a post-punk attitude is what they do. For the first time in Europe and thus for the first time on stage in Holland.

Listen to Bronze here...

Befriended band Death Sentence: PANDA! join Bronze on tour and have been a guest at the OCCII before. Arty and noisy post-punk is what you can expect. A fitting description of this band is that of a completely freaked out Le Georges Leningrad.

Listen to Death Sentence: PANDA! here...

As an entr’acte there is a performance by the upcoming Dutch artist Renée van Trier. Well informed people are aware that she is one of the two people involved with experimental elektro / neo wave act Milligram Retreat on Enfant Terrible. As an artist she is attracting more and more attention with her performance work and planned solo exhibitions. She is annoying, likes to confuse and wants to give you a bad feeling, but still all is done with a light touch of playful fun throughout her work.

Discover more about Renée van Trier here...

Dj’s Rude66, Kramp and M. will play some fitting not so fitting music.

We start at 22:00 uur and quit around 04:00 uur and the entrance is 7 Euro (including 1 euro for the OCCII restauration project). Location: OCCI, Amstelveenseweg 134, Amsterdam, NL. More information here and here...

vrijdag 15 oktober 2010

review: Bene Gesserit / Pseudocode

The lovely EE Tapes label from Belgium has released some very interesting 80's Belgium music recently. Some time ago they already put out on cd the cult classic 'Europa' by Pseudocode. In a way typical Belgium 80's music but still very original and unlike anything else you have every heard. Even though Pseudocode share some aspects with Alesia Cosmos, the weird French band from the same era, it is more their experimental way of working as a common sound. Still both bands have that industrial touch that Throbbing Gristle had when they produced more pop songs like on '20 Jazz Funk Greats'.

Pseudocode mastermind Alain Neffe was a key figure in the Belgium independent scene of the 80's. He ran the Insane Music label and was active in various bands and projects. The most famous was of course Bene Gesserit. While Pseudocode could be seen as a band playing dissonant pop the Bene Gesserit sound was more playful in a way. This due to a more melodic approach. Still it is as weird as pop music gets. It is never pure pop music and has a very arty touch all over it. Maybe even jazzy in a way.

In 1990 they played in a jazz club in Aachen, Germany. Almost nobody showed up... the band was too pop for jazz people and to experimental probably for the pop music people. The recordings of this concert have now been released for the first time. Originally this would be released in a slightly different way on Enfant Terrible. But as I am not planning many 80's releases due to a focus on contemporary artists EE Tapes took the project and released the complete concert from A to Z.

When listening to these recordings you do not a hear a band playing... you hear a performance group staging a perfect experience. From nice moody songs to screaming pieces to playful tunes with a crazy twist it is all there and served in just the right sequence. What a great night out this must have been...

Bene Gesserit and Pseudocode are, together with Kaa Antilope, definitely the top of Belgium pop music from the 80's. This cd is the perfect companion to the studio recordings already released on one of my personal favorite labels Was Soll Das? Schallplatten some years ago. Thumbs up for EE Tapes for putting this out!

At the same time EE Tapes also released it first vinyl release, even though they are active since the late 80's. This vinyl is a 7 inch by The Misz, another nice Belgium 80's band. While The Misz is not at all as essential as Pseudocode and Bene Gesserit it is a nice release for collector's and fans of music from this era. And... the track 'Le Joli Jardin' on this record makes the purchase more then worthwhile. It has this nice Trisomie 21 sort of melancholy touch. I think I do not need to say more...

The Pseudocode and Bene Gesserit cd's are for sale at the Enfant Terrible webshop here...

zondag 26 september 2010

film review: Re:vision - Apocalypse II

Re:vision - Apocalypse II by Edwin Brienen

New film by Dutch independent filmmaker Edwin Brienen. As always with Brienen films this film is made with about no budget. It shows but it also means it has charm. Also it is the style of Brienen. At the first screening he complained about the VHS quality due to the equipment at the theatre, but I liked it that the film had this lo-fi and real low budget flair.

Anyway the film is about the end… that is why the subtitle is Apocalypse… the two is there as it not only about the Biblical end… the film is telling the story on two levels. One a contemporary political Armageddon (this is the two I guess), the other is the traditional one as we know from the Book Of Revelations. The political one is displayed in the realistic and raw style of Brienen. You know the dril… sex and violence as it dominates our daily lives… brought to life through the persons in the film.

For the Biblical part Brienen has choosen a more surrealistic way of telling the story. You get shots in between the regular scenes of a magician, a singing bartender and some ultra lo-fi black and white big pixel shots like dream sequences.
In general I like the film but the surrealistic part was very Lynch like feeling for me. On the other hand the realistic part had some dialogues I did not like… it was a bit too easy for my… I mean we all know about the New World Order, George W. Bush and 9-11 about now… the theme could have been dealt with in a less obvious way.

Still the way of telling the story I liked a lot. The fragmented story line, the mood and feeling and truly outstanding is the editing on the music. You can see Brienen has been doing videoclips too. Vincent Koreman (RA-X, Travoltas and Speedboat FC to just name a few of his projects) is responsible for most of the music. In this case with his trash metal project The House Of Destructo. Due to fact that the songs throughout the film are mostly sung by the bartender (also the devil?) you can also watch Revision – Apocalypse II as a musical.

And, from this point of view the film is the most successful and interesting. The surrealism is most effective if these song sequences are seen as the main storyline. Next to that I would consider the film the most original if seen as a trash metal musical on the end of the world theme. Much more original then as I would consider this film a normal feature film. Style and content make the most sense from the musical perspective.

The film is screened at the Dutch Film Festival In Utrecht (september 2010) for the first time. It should be out on DVD later... Here is a teaser...

dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

review: new bunch of psychedelic music

I have probably been listening longer to psychedelic music as to post-punk, industrial, elektro and that kind of stuff. Really since a long time psychedelic tunes have been filling the air in my living spaces. There are moments the records stay where they are, but there is always a time to get into this type of music again. Recently my interest has been attracted again both in the records that are in my collection already for a long time as well in new releases. Here a few recent releases I guess you should know about...

The record I am playing mostly right now is the album 'Powers Of Audition' by Jonas Reinhardt. This is truly a mindblowing piece of music. It has the spirit of the 1960's for sure but who cares as long as it is done good. And... this album is very good. You are taken away on waves on music... at times light and playful and at other moments more dark and haunting and from more ambient kind of pieces to psychedelic rock tunes.

Also very 1960's but with touches of 1970's is the new Wermut album 'Ether'. This new album might come as a surprise to some people familiar with this band. I guess most people know their minimal elektro tunes. Still this new album is very much Wermut if you have followed the bands releases and contributions to compilations. On 'Ether' you hear... well some Klaus Schulze to start with... that is for sure. The pulsating synth waves floating around are Kosmische Scene inspired without a doubt. But still... there is also a lot of Wermut in it... when it comes to the dark mood for example or the adding of post-industrial touches and of course the singing. I think this album with its four long tracks is great and a record which shows again this band is not to be pinned down on one or two or whatever genre and style.

Much darker and going into some sort of dark ambient style is the Attestupa record 'Begraven Mot Norr' on the great Release The Bats label. Picth black, very hauting and probably too experimental for most die hard acid heads but I am in love with this dark trip.

Not as much a black mass as the Attestupa but still dark is the Street Drinkers side of their split album with Skeppet. It has the same experimental note as the Attestupa so if are not sure if you can handle this music without ending up with a bad trip only play the Skeppet part of this release. That one is also my favorite but for other reasons. Skeppet brings together psychedelic pop without being pop, and in a trippy daydream sort of way, and some excellent lo-fi electronics. The two long tracks are just superb and a great soundtrack to doze off on a nice summer day. Together with the Jonas Reinhardt this music has been spinning a lot here...

To come down to Earth again there is the very nice new Woods album "At Echo Lake". If you listen to this and the previous Woods album you might think this was recorded in the 1960's. Psychedelic folk and acid rock are the game of Woods. It is done in this Greenwich Village sort of tradition but also with a typical West-Coast touch well ik just makes me happy all the time. It is charming and lovely and true authenthic hipster stuff.

The Wermut, the Attestupa and the Skeppet/Street Drinkers split are for sale at my webshop... for Jonas Reinhardt and Woods just ask your specialized local recordshop... they should have these or will be able to order them as they are distributed very well.

Have a happy trip...

zondag 29 augustus 2010

New radio show at Intergalactic FM - Radio Resistencia

Listen to our (Stg. Art De SuR) monthly radio show at Intergalactic FM: every first wednesday of the month on IFM1 at 22.00 hour CET. Always 1 live set and 2 live dj sets... Listen here...

Every month 2 hours of music/fun/education... whatever you want!

Starting this wednesday 1 September: live Sololust (NL, elektro), dj Alacidus (NL, dark electronics), dj M. (this time a new wave classix set)...

Turn on, tune in, drop out!

zaterdag 17 juli 2010

Videoclip for upcoming Kim Ki O debut vinyl (Enfant18)

At the end of August the official debut by Kim Ki O from Istanbul will be released on Enfant Terrible.

The two girls were already present on the "Radio Resistencia" compilation from last year.

Here is the videoclip for the track 'Herkes Evine' from the upcoming record. More information soon...

review: Lushus - Barefoot

This record is out since May but I think it is still hot enough to say something about. Also the music is really summertime stuff so why not?!

Dutch band Lushus has its roots in punk. They also have already a status in the punk scene through live concerts and releases on Tocado Records. This new album is released on the Dutch record label Katzwijm and shows a very mature band.

If you would expect any ordinary punks sounds you are wrongly informed. Lushus stands for playful and adventurous music. Opening track "Plastic" displays straight away what this bands is all about: arty punk music with playful elements popping in out all the time. You will hear some exotic drums and some weird Neue Deutsche Welle influences. Maybe a bit Palais Schaumburg in the case of this track.

But the band takes you along from some soothing and relaxing moments to energetic burst of noise. And yes there is the Dutch punk heritage of bands like The Ex and De Kift kicking in at times.

Even though politics are not preached here there is an obvious link with activism even if it would be only by using some piece of Wolf Biermann as an intro to a song.

With this album Lushus should be able to reach some more indie pop minded audiences as well... the music has the quality to do this. I wish they succeed with this as for sure this is one of the most interesting guitar orientated bands from The Netherlands. Even though they use more bass guitars as actual guitars... well... let's just say they are among the top indie bands of the country.

You can get a copy of this LP from the Enfant Terrible webshop and please go see the band live...

vrijdag 11 juni 2010

review: Sololust - The Spark

Only from time to time there is a release that really hits you... really makes you excited about what you hear. This EP by Sololust (who is also a member of Dutch elektro/new rave outfit Lesbian Mouseclicks) is for sure one of those releases for me.

The funny thing is that I did not know this musician for some time even though his world and my world are connected (both musically as when it comes to the network of musicians and labels as our hometowns). Only since late last year we got into contact and I discovered his music. Very soon after that I checked some online tunes and asked him to participate on the new compilation (Enfant17: Kamp Holland).

After he played me some more tracks and we did a live show I truly heard the potential of this gifted musician. Then some time later he told me he had a EP out... and when I heard these tracks I was suprised again by the genius of it.

Sololust plays (on this EP) dark and slow elektro... basically as it should sound. It gives me the same exciting feeling I had when I first discovered Invasion Planete/Le Syndicat Electronique. His music is different from that but has the same authentic feeling for me.

Opening track 'Space To Expand' is a bit spacey and a deep elektro track. 'Black Teeth' has an excellent pumping beat and bassline thing going on. Something classic elektro in a way but the way it is done doesn't make it feel like you heard it before. Maybe because of the nice bells ringing in the background...

Absolute highlight on this EP is 'The Spark'. This should be a hit... very dark and moody elektro/disco excellent for club play deep in the night with a few people who really are out of here... Amazing track.

There is probably only one thing I do not like about this EP... it is a shitty cheap cd-r in an edition of 50 copies. Shame on the label as this quality music deserves a quality product to reach some more people. But... don't worry... Sololust is working on some tracks and this will get a proper release on vinyl by Enfant Terrible/Wharf Records...

For now I have some of the cd-r's for only a few euro's in my webshop...

zondag 30 mei 2010

event: 19 June Disko Resistencia mini festival with 6 live acts (NL)

*When? -->Saturday 19 June starting at 21.00
*What? --> Disko Resistencia / Stg. Art De SuR Foundation party
(+ release party Lesbian Mouseclicks debut EP on Wharf Records + release party Enfant Terrible compilation ‘Kamp Holland’)
*Who live?
-->Rude66 (elektro/Bunker&Creme Org.)
-->Lesbian Mouseclicks (elektro/Wharf Recs)
-->Hunter Complex (synthpop/Narrominded Recs)
-->Logosamphia (retardcore/Enfant Terrible Recs)
-->Milligram Retreat (neo wave/Enfant Terrible Recs)
-->Peter Quistgard (toy muzak/Toztizok Zoundz)

*Who Dj’s?
-->M.& Alacidus
-->MH & HD

*Where? --> DB’s CAB-Rondom 100 (Cartesiusweg), Utrecht, Holland
Damage: 7 euro (incl. a small surprise)
Wharf Records
Enfant Terrible

vrijdag 14 mei 2010

review: Hunter Complex - Hunter Complex

I am a big fan of Dutch popmusic and especially of new Dutch artists that are capable to produce some interesting and daring tunes in the fields of electronic music and experimental popmusic. Not because I am nationalistic or anything but partly as a reaction against the indifference of many Dutch people for their own history and culture. It is important to support local culture as simply it makes life nicer and better in the little world you live in.

Hunter Complex is the relatively new project by the Narrominded label boss. Narrominded have been working on promoting and putting out good new (Dutch) music since 2000. First with cd-r releases and later on vinyl and cd. The sounds range from elektro to experimental electronics and also some guitar stuff is in their catalogue.

Synthpop is the word when it comes to Hunter Complex. I must admit I did not get it when I first played this record. But it really grew on me with each play. Still I think the record would have been stronger when it would be trimmed from twelve to nine tracks or something. But in general this debut album is a masterpiece of contemporary synthpop.

The word pop should be written here in capitals. The production is quite thick in a Pet Shop Boys sort of way. Perfectly fitting the clear electronic beats and warm synthesizer melodies. What really makes this music so outstanding is that you hear classic 1980's synthpop elements but still all sounds very fresh. The arrangements and rhythms are all but 1980's I think. Also quite some unexpected elements pop up from time to time, like suprising hooks and twists in the song structure or a guitar part being added for a moment.

One of the highlights is 'Moonset' with its steady beat and typical claps but also adding to that some almost ambient like synth lines and strings. Also 'Exit' is really good with its loungy and laidback feeling and spacious synth lines.

If you are into classic synthpop and into some light summer tunes check out this release for sure. And for the well informed... this is probably more Anna Logue records stuff as Enfant Terrible material. But still... watch out for a new excellent track by Hunter Complex coming soon on the new Enfant Terrible compilation!

donderdag 15 april 2010

review: complications / compilations

Recently there have been released some compilations with 80's synth, new wave, post-punk and minimal electronics music. It is funny to see that some people try to commercialize and make hip and trendy music that was never meant to be that. Or... music that never had it to be that...

These compilations are basically nothing more then rip off's of the bootleg Flexipop compilation cd-r series. The most catchy tunes are taken from these compilations and the artists are chased down and there you are... you have a record...

Among this turmoil and aim for fame there are luckly always other people who do it in what I think is the right way and with the right music.

The first compilation that caught my attention was 'Genotypes' released by Genetic Music. Genetic of course has quite a history when it comes to releasing some lost 80's sounds. They were among the first to do this. This compilations was also planned to be released some years ago, before the current hype really hit the streets.

'Genotypes' maybe also is a Flexipop orientated compilation but it does not go for the catchy and easy tunes. For the most part it offers the listeners the more obscure among the obscure and tunes that are not instant dancefloor hits. For example the tracks by Urge, Ciaran Harte and Hysterica Passio are truly excellent and belong instantly to my favorite tunes of this era.

Even when a band is a bit more cult and well known as with Seppuku not the obvious track is selected ('New Illusion') but the B side of the 7 inch 'Under Your Control'. Absolute highlights are Mr. Numa with the awesome psychedelic track 'Story Of The Moon' and Jessica Denton & Patrik (Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart) Fitzgerald with 'Mr. And Mrs.'.

There are only very few comments to make about this record. The selecting and sequence of tracks is excellent. Only too bad it is released on CD and not on vinyl. Next to that I see no point in the Mecano track 'Robespierre's Re-Marx' being on this record. Of course it is a highlight of the era and absolutely a stunning piece... but it is easily available already. Besides this a spotless compilation!

But... if you like to go more obscure and move away from Flexipop and more in the realm of 'Kassettentäter'... that other great bootleg compilation series... but on vinyl... then there is a vinyl 7 inch compilation out now... just for you. NLW's lovely sublabel Schallplatten Aus Lurup has just released a six track compilation centered around the Diskret label.

Various bands from this German cassette label were featured on the Kassettentäter records... like 4721 and Reinheit des Herzens. Even though I do not like bootlegs these Kassettentäter records are a must have for any true fan of authentic NDW/minimal electronics/weird punk music from the late 70's and early 80's.

So, I was really happy to see Schallplatten Aus Lurup to release some of this music as an official record. Featured are six bands with one track each. The real connoisseur does already know what to expect: weird lo-fi stuff that will probably please only the real connoisseur.

And then still I am always happy to see there are people and labels out there who put out contemporary music. If you like the obscurities of the Diskret release but are hungry to hear new sounds then go for the Kernkrach compilation LP 'Schadstoffklasse Grau'.

This LP only features contemporary and mostly unknown minimal electronic acts. As I like to discover new sounds all the time you can imagine I am really happy with such a release. Especially as it turns out to be such good as this one really is...

The record has a real cohesive feeling. This is maybe due to the fact that some of the artists share some personel. But that is mostly on the A side. What truly attracted my attention is the B side. Which I can't stop listening to. The deep, hypnotic and repetitive electronics are excellent. It is all rather spacey and melancholy with just the right analogue sounds and rhythms.

Maybe some tracks are dead simple, still they are charming due to their authentic feeling. Think Skanfrom but more lo-fi and less evolved maybe so to speak. I am sure bands like Fabrik Ohne Strom, Kling Klang, Legodroid and Les Miserables Minimalistiques won't ring a bell with most people... not even the well informed... but for sure check this record out.

This is simple one the best minimal electronic releases that has been released recently and done with the right intentions and motivations. Besides that a highlight in the Kernkrach catalogue and that also says something of course!

All three release can be ordered from the Enfant Terrible webshop... (the Diskret and Kernkrach records will be added within the next days).

vrijdag 2 april 2010

Agent Side Grinder news: cd album, tour, remix EP

Out now on Kill Shaman is the re-release of the sold out debut LP by Agent Side Grinder. This CD version of the album is released under license from Enfant Terrible and especially put together for the USA market. It features a new tracklisting with one previously unreleased song and new artwork. In Europe this CD will be available from the Enfant Terrible webshop and at the live concerts of the band.

Agent Side Grinder will be on tour in early May in Europe. The dates are the following:

-Saturday 1 May – Amsterdam (NL) at OCCII (Enfant Terrible label night with Milligram Retreat and Duflan Duflan)
-Monday 3 May – Leipzig (D) at Liwi
-Tuesday 4 May – Berlin (D) at Lovelite
-Thursday 6 May – Haarlem (NL) at private party
-Friday 7 May – Paris (FR) at Le Klub (Enfant Terrible label night with Distel and Bran)
-Saturday 8 May – Lille (FR) at La Peniche

After this tour Agent Side Grinder will be opening for Psyche (12 May) and Cold Cave (18 May) in Stockholm, Sweden

Next to this there is a remix EP planned. Dutch elektro veteran Rude66 already delivered an excellent dancefloor filler. Minimal electronics cult act Crash Course In Science have confirmed their collaboration and also Dutch upcoming elektro act Lesbian Mouseclicks are working on their interpretation of the sound of Agent Side Grinder. This remix EP is planned for autumn 2010 on Enfant Terrible.

dinsdag 30 maart 2010

review: Sixth June - Everytime

Sixth June is a duo from Serbia that have just released their debut LP on the Genetic Music sublabel No Emb Blanc. Even before the LP came out they had some very nice video tracks circulating on the internet. These served as teasers for the upcoming album, and even more as the songs featured were really good.

Any fan of some good old elektro wave will have to dig this. It is nothing new but it is done with conviction and that is what you hear througout the album. Eleven melancholy tracks, which at times are down tempo but also some real dancefloor fillers, come and go and lead you the way into a mellow state of mind.

This band sounds a bit like Nine Circles mixed with Clan Of Xymox (two first albums on 4AD) and maybe even a bit of Frozen Autumn from time to time. Even though Sixth June could appeal to some goth fans the music could as easily be consumed by indie-tronics lovers. Also the artwork hints more to the indie scene as the goth/wave scene. A very good choice!

Highlights are the more uptempo pieces like the very 80's new romantics sounding 'The Night Is Coming' and the (should be) dancefloor hit 'Never Leave Me'. Next to that the excellent doomy 'Ohno, It's Burning' is a small masterpiece and The Cure inspired 'Afraid Of Lies' are songs in which the band shows their songwriting skills and their potential for the future.

Too bad I missed them live on stage recently as I am very curious how they put on a live show.

I have some copies in the webshop here...

dinsdag 9 maart 2010

review: Blessure Grave - Judged By 12, Carried By 6

Release The Bats from Sweden began its activities with releasing some contemporary batcave and post-punk music. New and upcoming bands found their way to listeners through this label. More and more the label moved to more experimental music... music you could still file under post-punk but much more diverse in sounds and textures as before. With this LP by Blessure Grave the label shows it did not forget it roots and still has a good taste in more traditional post-punk sounds.

Blessure Grave from the USA is a relatively new name (they have some 7 inches out, among them a split with Cold Cave) around in the USA indie guitar/post-punk scene. Together with Swann Danger and Black Ice they are for sure among the most interesting bands around in this field of music.

Some people will complain they have heard it all before and yes it is all there... a bit of The Cure (Pornography LP period), touches early Death In June, some Jesus & The Marychain and so on... but even if this is the case Blessure Grave produced an album filled with quality songs that take you on a wonderful melancholy trip. For the fans of this music a real feast for sure.

Still for people not being die-hard fans of the style this LP could be the one to pick up as well. While many bands claim to be influenced by Joy Division and playing some sort of neo wave Blessure Grave truly goes into that territory. And, they do it with a touch of authenticity I do not hear that often with many of the guitar bands around today.

The best thing about this band is the lo-fi sound. Even though the guitars are quite clear the production is rather lo-fi. The vocals are a bit muffled as if they are coming from beyond the grave, but never annoying or anything.

If you are bored of all the fake Joy Division tributes but also are not looking for the typical goth bands then Blessure Grave is here to please you. Simply an excellent debut album! There are a few copies in the Enfant Terrible webshop here...

zondag 7 februari 2010

review: Just Another Winter / Hadewych / post-black metal

Since some time there has been a new interest in the black metal genre. Maybe this has to do with the genre being commercialized by some bands, or maybe by Varg (from the legendary band Burzum for the uninformed) getting out of jail last year.
Also last year the documentary film on this genre 'Until the Light Takes Us' was shown in film theatres and at film festival. Untill now there has been no news on a dvd release but this will be done most likely. This film is a sign and also probably a stimulus for the genre.

Anyway in the meantime there has also erupted a sort of new genre which takes style elements from black metal but shapes this into different sounds like drones, dark ambient and dark experimental music. None of these are new styles on their own. But when coming from a black metal background you might aspect it becomes very dark and depressive stuff with an aggressive twist from time to time. Also the themes used in the music refer to typical black metal topics like myths, nature and the heroic past.

Hadewych (also active as Distel on Enfant Terrible) from Holland has produced an excellent debut album filled with dark and moody sounds and songs. The album is a strange mix of some post-industrial sounds, some neo-folk elements and yes some black metal textures. It is not only the dark mood but also the heavy guitar riffs for example that are taken from the black metal genre. What makes this record so good is that it is not one single genre which is popping up in all pieces. Elements and sounds from various styles are used throughout the album. But, they are used subtle so you never get the feeling Hadewych is copying some specific style or band. The sound that results from this is quite unique and original.

The band has started to work on the second album already. Also they have being doing the release and the distribution for their debut all by themselves. This fits in perfect with the DIY spirit if the real black metal scene.

In the meantime German independent label Treue um Treue / Reue um Reue has started a new sublabel for sounds coming from the black metal genre. This label is called Just Another Winter and claims to release depressive ambient-post-black-metal. Funny detail is that TuT/RuR already released on the main label the very nice debut LP by Ad Absurdum. This act plays chiptunes in a black metal way... so Burzum on C64! Check this out for sure if you are into some adventurous style cross-overs.

Anyway, Just Another Winter has started its activities with three releases in a short period of time. First they released the last record by (dark) ambient project His Divine Grace. This one is a split release with the new alias/direction of His Divine Grace under the name of De Grace. Indeed De Grace borrows some elements of black metal. Mostly this is heard in the electric guitar used to create bleak soundscapes. Even though I liked some of the His Divine Grace releases a lot I think in this new appearance the music is even better. The guitar works really well and takes you by the hand throughout the music.

From the same musician comes also the project Notre Dessein. This project is much more in the black metal tradition, except that it has no drums in it. For the rest it is great lo-fi black metal/dark ambient stuff. In a way maybe something Burzum could have made in jail, as it sounds like it is done with lack of equipment. But this is what is also the charm of this record.

At the same time the double LP by Proces Veneficus was released. After five years and many releases on cd(-r)'s this is the first vinyl release by the project. The record comes in a deluxe gatefold sleeve on two pieces of blood red vinyl. Although the music is dark it is not very aggressive or raw like some black metal. It is much more ambient orientated and some sort of moody chamber music. Very nice is that there is also an traditional tune on the record which is credited as discovered through Espers. Maybe not all Espers fans will like this but some will (like myself).

Just Another Winter made a nice start and I am curious to see what else will be released by them. Why not Hadewych as I think in this "field" its for sure one of the most interesting and promising acts I know.

See here for Hadewych...

See here for Just Another Winter...

zondag 24 januari 2010

review: Five O'Clock Traffic - Aside From Dreams And Hallucinations

People who check my webshop stock from time to time will know I am big fan of the Börft label from Sweden. Since quite some time I sell about every release they put out next to some classic records they put out in the past. This Swedish cult label deserves more recognition I think... They started to spread music in the industrial/experimental pop styles in 1987. This is at the same time as fellow Swedish label Cold Meat Industry started their work. In the beginning they even shared some sounds and bands like Enema Syringe.
While Cold Meat Industry moved more and more into what you could call gothic territory Börft staid more true to their experimental and weird side.
Lately Börft suprised me with the great Kord 7 inch (see elsewhere on this blog) and the more then excellent return of noise cult act Enema Syringe on LP. Most recently the label came up with the new album by Five O' Clock Traffic. A Swedish elektro project by a member of industrial cult act Goz Mongo Alliance.
As Five O' Clock Traffic he already released two albums. One a rather dancefloor orientated elektro pop piece and the other more weird and experimental. The good thing about this new album is that it has elements of both these previous releases. Most of the tracks are perfect elektro pop for the dancefloor with a nice playful touch. In between you get served a few more weird and noisy pieces. This works wonderful for the dynamics throughout the record.
It has been a long time since I enjoyed elektro pop so much. Probably not since It & My Computer... too bad they stopped producing their fine tunes.
The albums comes in a nice three panel sleeve and is limited to 300 numbered copies. Simply a must have for any elektro pop fan. You can get a copy in the Enfant Terrible webshop here... I also have some of the Enema Syringe LP's... of course!

donderdag 21 januari 2010

Enfant Terrible news: 3 new releases

Bran –Fuscum Subnigrum 7” EP (petit enfant 005)
distel – distel 7” EP (petit enfant 006)
Various – Gifgrond (ET003)

Out soon on Enfant Terrible will be two new records: one a true collector piece by French minimal synth act Bran and the other the debut by upcoming Dutch angstpop act distel. Also there is a special free release as give away for the next live event on Saturday 27 February in Holland.

Bran released two very limited artifacts on cd and in this tradition we now present the vinyl debut of this act. When it comes to the music Bran serves the fans of minimal synth for sure but don’t be surprised to come across some uncommon style elements too. This 7 inch is more of an artifact as a record as it comes with a booklet with drawings by the musician and hand printed covers with two different designs (also by the musician himself). Next to that the labels are hand stamped with self designed stamps. As this record is ultra limited to only two times 75 copies (75 copies of each cover design) it is bound to become a real collector piece very soon.

For the sounds of Bran go here...

Dutch angstpop (dark and slow synth pop) act distel (also active as drone/experimental act Hadewych) was already present on the compilation Radio Resistencia. This is the real debut release. Moody and gloomy soundscapes and whispered vocals (sometimes in Dutch) draw you into the world of distel. The music is poetic, sophisticated and above all a very intense listening experience.

For the sounds of distel go here...

For the second event co-production of Enfant Terrible and Gifgrond there will be a free compilation cassette at the door for the visitors of the event. This limited edition free cassette release features previously unreleased tracks by all three live acts of the night: Adolf Filter, Kord and Monster Apparat. The event takes place on Saturday 27 Febraury 2010 at the Gifgrond location: Gasthuisring 19G, Tilburg, Holland (5 minutes by foot from Tilburg Central Railway Station). We start at 21.00 hour and the entrance fee is 7 euros. See also on the Gifgrond website: www.gifgrond.nl

For the cassette go here....

Enfant Terrible night with live Adolf Filter, Kord, Monster Apparat

For the second time Enfant Terrible and Gifgrond team up for a great night out. This time there will be three elektro live acts from Sweden on stage. Kord will open the night with his spacey and laidback elektro pop. Adolf Filter is going into a bit darker direction. Also the beat are louder. Early Front 242 is a reference they cannot escape.

Monster Apparat is a rather new project that started as a collaboration of Kord and Adolf Filter. The catchy elektro and robot pop will call to mind The Rorschach Garden from time to time even though Monster Apparat is much more dancefloor friendly.

Before, in between and after the live acts Dj M. will be spinning some obscure pop hits, weird 80’s elektro and distorted beats.

Kord on the web...
Adolf Filter on the web...
Monster Apparat on the web...
Enfant Terrible on the web...

For all information see also the Gifgrond website...

Damage: 7 euro (incl. cassette with 6 previously unreleased tracks by the 3 live acts - as long as they are available)
Starts: 21.00 uur
Ends: 03:00 uur
Location: Gasthuisring 19G, Tilburg, Holland (5 minutes from Tilburg Central Railway Station, route on Gifgrond website)

zaterdag 16 januari 2010

review: Chrome Dome - Negative Vibes

I was a bit blown away by this debut 7 inch of the Australian synth punk band Chrome Dome. It is not that I have never heard these kind of sounds or songs before. But what makes this band different is the energy and power that is so evident in the music. Next to that it has this rawness that is missing in most of the so called minimal synth bands today. Raw power with a touch of wierdness always triggers me and Chrome Dome hits these points very well.
This debut comes on tape and as a 7 inch with a cd with an extra track. These three tracks are enough to show the potential and the sound of the band. Think about the perfect mix of The Normal and Sixteens and then still with a harsher sound. Also it has the same energy as Crash Course In Science but the music is much more lo-fi in every sense of the word.
The A side of the 7 inch ('Negative Vibes') is a great pumping electronic punk piece with the nice touch of a tambourine in it. Both the B side ('Waste Of Time And Space') and the extra track ('Battered And Bruised') have an industrial touch due to some added machine noises.
Well... to sum it up... this is messy and noisy stuff and I love it. I am keeping an eye out for the next dose of moody electronic pulses from this band for sure.
Ah... the tape is sold out already and I have the last few copies of the 7 inch plus cd in my webshop...

maandag 11 januari 2010

review: O.R.D.U.C - 107

O.R.D.U.C. (short for One-O-Seventh Royal Dutch Underground Company) from The Netherlands became almost world famous in the worldwide cassette culture of the early 1980's. Their song "Crazy Computer" was released on a Plurex compilation back then. Later the song appeared on the self released album 'Pink & Purple' from 1981. After some cassette releases there was some silence.
In 2007 O.R.D.U.C. and their own record company Motok came back to life after a sort of hibernation. Since then the left overs of the original LP are sold mostly through my webshop. Also a release with some old material is being planned for some time now on Enfant Terrible.
Next to that there has been a lot of activity lately around Motok both for O.R.D.U.C. as other related projects as NoNotes and E.M.M. This summer a very nice and ultra limited 7 inch appeared by O.R.D.U.C. with one reworked song from 1980 and a new track. Now there is this full lenght album with different versions of these 7 inch tracks and some more reworks of old 1980's songs and some new material.
A nice thing is that the new songs do not sound out of place at all and the best thing is that I do not feel that the music is outdated. For me this means that the music of O.R.D.U.C. is quite timeless... it has passed the test of time and is as nice to listen to right now as it was 25 years ago.
The reason for this is that this music is beyond genre or style definitions. It is crazy and weird and uncommon in every sense. And just this makes it strong and enjoyable.
What you hear are minimalistic and at times simple song structures done with lo-fi and cheap electronics and production methods. Fans of obscure 1980's cassette releases will know what I am talking about... for others... well think something in between minimal synth pieces sounding a bit poppy but too strange for dancefloors and at the same time experimental but not harsh and loud enough for going into the industrial side of things.
This LP '107' is in a way quite close to 'Pink & Purple'. The mix of tracks is great with poppy songs and stranger pieces and even a Kosmische Scene influenced track. The musician calls this "minimal wave" but this is so much beyond that. Also I think this style defintion was not really used 25 years ago... so why use it now for music by one of the original musicians?! O.R.D.U.C. is so much above that.
The record comes in an edition of 250 copies and will be available soon from my webshop.