dinsdag 30 maart 2010

review: Sixth June - Everytime

Sixth June is a duo from Serbia that have just released their debut LP on the Genetic Music sublabel No Emb Blanc. Even before the LP came out they had some very nice video tracks circulating on the internet. These served as teasers for the upcoming album, and even more as the songs featured were really good.

Any fan of some good old elektro wave will have to dig this. It is nothing new but it is done with conviction and that is what you hear througout the album. Eleven melancholy tracks, which at times are down tempo but also some real dancefloor fillers, come and go and lead you the way into a mellow state of mind.

This band sounds a bit like Nine Circles mixed with Clan Of Xymox (two first albums on 4AD) and maybe even a bit of Frozen Autumn from time to time. Even though Sixth June could appeal to some goth fans the music could as easily be consumed by indie-tronics lovers. Also the artwork hints more to the indie scene as the goth/wave scene. A very good choice!

Highlights are the more uptempo pieces like the very 80's new romantics sounding 'The Night Is Coming' and the (should be) dancefloor hit 'Never Leave Me'. Next to that the excellent doomy 'Ohno, It's Burning' is a small masterpiece and The Cure inspired 'Afraid Of Lies' are songs in which the band shows their songwriting skills and their potential for the future.

Too bad I missed them live on stage recently as I am very curious how they put on a live show.

I have some copies in the webshop here...

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