vrijdag 24 februari 2012

in production: La Mort De L'Hippocampe - Symphonie Neuronale

Expected around mid / end of April is the LP Symphonie Neuronale by La Mort De L'Hippocampe. Behind this project is Jérôme Fontan... who sadly passed away last year. Of course he is known for his elektro project Porn.Darsteller.

La Mort De L'Hippocampe is something very different. There is not much pop in this music... it has experimental, industrial and classical sides. All sounds are done with analog equipment, like Minimoog and tape echo, and acoustic instruments.

This project was much more of a performance group centered around Jérôme Fontan then a studio project. The LP was planned to be a co-production between Enfant Terrible and Verbascripta, the label founded by Jérôme. The label is continued now by the other members of La Mort De L'Hippocampe. So this release is still as orginally planned a co-production.

There are even rumours La Mort De L'Hippocampe will do a few performances later this year.

Here is a preview of the artwork and an excerpt of the piece on the A side of the record, 'Die Sonne'.