dinsdag 18 januari 2011

review: Lowfish - Memories Are Uncertain Friends

In short I could mention two points of criticism about this release. One is that it is a cd. Not the nicest of formats to release music on... especially when it comes to electronic music. But then this album is released on a cd packaged in a tin can in a limited hand numbered edition of only 250 copies. That is good enough for me as a collector and as a music lover.

The other point of criticism I can think of is that the music on this album sounds so "1990's". It is IDM and more abstract minded elektro / electronic music with the typical sound of that era. Buth then, this IS music from the 1990's... all tracks date from 1995 to 1999.

What I want to say is that the only points of criticism anybody could come up with for this album are irrelevant. "Memories Are Uncertain Friends" is a superb album with electronic music. An album filled with quality IDM, elektro and related electronic music styles. From abstract to some sort of dance tunes to spacey ambient pieces.

This release also marks the return of Suction Records. A label I respect and a label that must be seen as an important player in the first wave of the elektro, synth pop and minimal electronics revival. Together with labels as Invasion Planète, Genetic Music and A.D.S.R. they shaped the things to come when it comes to this type of music.

Suction Records also have always filled a gap with a specific sounds nobody else did. The music they release is smoother as the stuff Invasion Planète released and not so typical new wave inspired as the Genetic Music output, and less focused on lo-fi experiments as what A.D.S.R. was doing.

Their sound was elektro pop with a twist towards experimentation and in a case of more experimental electronic music always in an accessible way... meaning never over the top and thus still enjoyable to listen to in your car while driving. As is also the case with this Lowfish album.

So, I am very pleased to see Suction Records is resurrected. This first release by Lowfish is a perfect new beginning after the hiatus of about seven years since the last proper release. Looking forward to what will be coming next...

In the meantime you can get this Lowfish album at the Enfant Terrible webshop...