vrijdag 11 juni 2010

review: Sololust - The Spark

Only from time to time there is a release that really hits you... really makes you excited about what you hear. This EP by Sololust (who is also a member of Dutch elektro/new rave outfit Lesbian Mouseclicks) is for sure one of those releases for me.

The funny thing is that I did not know this musician for some time even though his world and my world are connected (both musically as when it comes to the network of musicians and labels as our hometowns). Only since late last year we got into contact and I discovered his music. Very soon after that I checked some online tunes and asked him to participate on the new compilation (Enfant17: Kamp Holland).

After he played me some more tracks and we did a live show I truly heard the potential of this gifted musician. Then some time later he told me he had a EP out... and when I heard these tracks I was suprised again by the genius of it.

Sololust plays (on this EP) dark and slow elektro... basically as it should sound. It gives me the same exciting feeling I had when I first discovered Invasion Planete/Le Syndicat Electronique. His music is different from that but has the same authentic feeling for me.

Opening track 'Space To Expand' is a bit spacey and a deep elektro track. 'Black Teeth' has an excellent pumping beat and bassline thing going on. Something classic elektro in a way but the way it is done doesn't make it feel like you heard it before. Maybe because of the nice bells ringing in the background...

Absolute highlight on this EP is 'The Spark'. This should be a hit... very dark and moody elektro/disco excellent for club play deep in the night with a few people who really are out of here... Amazing track.

There is probably only one thing I do not like about this EP... it is a shitty cheap cd-r in an edition of 50 copies. Shame on the label as this quality music deserves a quality product to reach some more people. But... don't worry... Sololust is working on some tracks and this will get a proper release on vinyl by Enfant Terrible/Wharf Records...

For now I have some of the cd-r's for only a few euro's in my webshop...