donderdag 15 april 2010

review: complications / compilations

Recently there have been released some compilations with 80's synth, new wave, post-punk and minimal electronics music. It is funny to see that some people try to commercialize and make hip and trendy music that was never meant to be that. Or... music that never had it to be that...

These compilations are basically nothing more then rip off's of the bootleg Flexipop compilation cd-r series. The most catchy tunes are taken from these compilations and the artists are chased down and there you are... you have a record...

Among this turmoil and aim for fame there are luckly always other people who do it in what I think is the right way and with the right music.

The first compilation that caught my attention was 'Genotypes' released by Genetic Music. Genetic of course has quite a history when it comes to releasing some lost 80's sounds. They were among the first to do this. This compilations was also planned to be released some years ago, before the current hype really hit the streets.

'Genotypes' maybe also is a Flexipop orientated compilation but it does not go for the catchy and easy tunes. For the most part it offers the listeners the more obscure among the obscure and tunes that are not instant dancefloor hits. For example the tracks by Urge, Ciaran Harte and Hysterica Passio are truly excellent and belong instantly to my favorite tunes of this era.

Even when a band is a bit more cult and well known as with Seppuku not the obvious track is selected ('New Illusion') but the B side of the 7 inch 'Under Your Control'. Absolute highlights are Mr. Numa with the awesome psychedelic track 'Story Of The Moon' and Jessica Denton & Patrik (Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart) Fitzgerald with 'Mr. And Mrs.'.

There are only very few comments to make about this record. The selecting and sequence of tracks is excellent. Only too bad it is released on CD and not on vinyl. Next to that I see no point in the Mecano track 'Robespierre's Re-Marx' being on this record. Of course it is a highlight of the era and absolutely a stunning piece... but it is easily available already. Besides this a spotless compilation!

But... if you like to go more obscure and move away from Flexipop and more in the realm of 'Kassettentäter'... that other great bootleg compilation series... but on vinyl... then there is a vinyl 7 inch compilation out now... just for you. NLW's lovely sublabel Schallplatten Aus Lurup has just released a six track compilation centered around the Diskret label.

Various bands from this German cassette label were featured on the Kassettentäter records... like 4721 and Reinheit des Herzens. Even though I do not like bootlegs these Kassettentäter records are a must have for any true fan of authentic NDW/minimal electronics/weird punk music from the late 70's and early 80's.

So, I was really happy to see Schallplatten Aus Lurup to release some of this music as an official record. Featured are six bands with one track each. The real connoisseur does already know what to expect: weird lo-fi stuff that will probably please only the real connoisseur.

And then still I am always happy to see there are people and labels out there who put out contemporary music. If you like the obscurities of the Diskret release but are hungry to hear new sounds then go for the Kernkrach compilation LP 'Schadstoffklasse Grau'.

This LP only features contemporary and mostly unknown minimal electronic acts. As I like to discover new sounds all the time you can imagine I am really happy with such a release. Especially as it turns out to be such good as this one really is...

The record has a real cohesive feeling. This is maybe due to the fact that some of the artists share some personel. But that is mostly on the A side. What truly attracted my attention is the B side. Which I can't stop listening to. The deep, hypnotic and repetitive electronics are excellent. It is all rather spacey and melancholy with just the right analogue sounds and rhythms.

Maybe some tracks are dead simple, still they are charming due to their authentic feeling. Think Skanfrom but more lo-fi and less evolved maybe so to speak. I am sure bands like Fabrik Ohne Strom, Kling Klang, Legodroid and Les Miserables Minimalistiques won't ring a bell with most people... not even the well informed... but for sure check this record out.

This is simple one the best minimal electronic releases that has been released recently and done with the right intentions and motivations. Besides that a highlight in the Kernkrach catalogue and that also says something of course!

All three release can be ordered from the Enfant Terrible webshop... (the Diskret and Kernkrach records will be added within the next days).

vrijdag 2 april 2010

Agent Side Grinder news: cd album, tour, remix EP

Out now on Kill Shaman is the re-release of the sold out debut LP by Agent Side Grinder. This CD version of the album is released under license from Enfant Terrible and especially put together for the USA market. It features a new tracklisting with one previously unreleased song and new artwork. In Europe this CD will be available from the Enfant Terrible webshop and at the live concerts of the band.

Agent Side Grinder will be on tour in early May in Europe. The dates are the following:

-Saturday 1 May – Amsterdam (NL) at OCCII (Enfant Terrible label night with Milligram Retreat and Duflan Duflan)
-Monday 3 May – Leipzig (D) at Liwi
-Tuesday 4 May – Berlin (D) at Lovelite
-Thursday 6 May – Haarlem (NL) at private party
-Friday 7 May – Paris (FR) at Le Klub (Enfant Terrible label night with Distel and Bran)
-Saturday 8 May – Lille (FR) at La Peniche

After this tour Agent Side Grinder will be opening for Psyche (12 May) and Cold Cave (18 May) in Stockholm, Sweden

Next to this there is a remix EP planned. Dutch elektro veteran Rude66 already delivered an excellent dancefloor filler. Minimal electronics cult act Crash Course In Science have confirmed their collaboration and also Dutch upcoming elektro act Lesbian Mouseclicks are working on their interpretation of the sound of Agent Side Grinder. This remix EP is planned for autumn 2010 on Enfant Terrible.