zaterdag 19 oktober 2013

RPM with Darkwood, Mirt and Profligate

Here is a new update on some of the records I have been playing a lot lately... and in my opinion are amongst the most interesting of the last few months...

The new Darkwood was released this summer but it is just perfect for autumn... as all of his music... 'Schicksalsfahrt' is all you might expect from Darkwood... maybe nothing suprising in sound, mood and production but it is just an amazing new collection of high quality songs. Neofolk as a genre might be dead but as long as a few people keep coming up with stuff as good as this I it will never fade away totally... or maybe even just forget the genre name... I play this stuff in between Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake... it is as good as that but just coming from a different era and world...

The Italian label Backwards has delivered an album which is one of the must haves for this 2013... it is by Mirt and it seems to be the eight record already by this Polish band... so I can imagine I missed out on some amazing music already... the sound is beautiful and soothing soft touching electronic stuff. Perfect for dreaming away on... minimalistic but only to serve the purpose of creating tender soundscapes... truly a highlight of this year!

Profligate is building quite a name for himself... and it started with his debut album from 2012... much more as his newer stuff the album is rooted in kraut / kosmische scene music... the techno aspect is there but less obvious... just as the noise background of the musician... all is quite spacey and psychedelic with dance music touches popping in and out and dream sequences having an equal part in the game... Get this one now and start following this great project with a truly new sound when it comes to dance music... soon two new 12"s will be ready... one on my Gooiland Elektro label and one one the USA based DKA Records label...

Friday 25 October: Soirée Enfant Terrible with live Distel, Europ Europ and Neurobit

Friday 25 October 2013 there is the next Enfant Terrible label night .This time at the new location at the heart of the Gooiland: Sociëteit 12tot24. Live performances by Europ Europ, Neurobit and Distel.

Europ Europ – noise / experimental from Norway

Neurobit Dutch master of 8 bit Music.

Distel post industrial and post electro sounds from Holland.

Dj’s M. en Alacidus.

This night is a collaboration with Stichting Magdalena.

All starts at 20:30 / Membership: 5 euro / Location: Sociëteit 12tot24 / Stationsplein 12, 1211 EX, Hilversum / Hilversum Centraal Station, busstation, next to Starbucks, 4th floor (old tax agency office)

More information here...