zaterdag 17 juli 2010

Videoclip for upcoming Kim Ki O debut vinyl (Enfant18)

At the end of August the official debut by Kim Ki O from Istanbul will be released on Enfant Terrible.

The two girls were already present on the "Radio Resistencia" compilation from last year.

Here is the videoclip for the track 'Herkes Evine' from the upcoming record. More information soon...

review: Lushus - Barefoot

This record is out since May but I think it is still hot enough to say something about. Also the music is really summertime stuff so why not?!

Dutch band Lushus has its roots in punk. They also have already a status in the punk scene through live concerts and releases on Tocado Records. This new album is released on the Dutch record label Katzwijm and shows a very mature band.

If you would expect any ordinary punks sounds you are wrongly informed. Lushus stands for playful and adventurous music. Opening track "Plastic" displays straight away what this bands is all about: arty punk music with playful elements popping in out all the time. You will hear some exotic drums and some weird Neue Deutsche Welle influences. Maybe a bit Palais Schaumburg in the case of this track.

But the band takes you along from some soothing and relaxing moments to energetic burst of noise. And yes there is the Dutch punk heritage of bands like The Ex and De Kift kicking in at times.

Even though politics are not preached here there is an obvious link with activism even if it would be only by using some piece of Wolf Biermann as an intro to a song.

With this album Lushus should be able to reach some more indie pop minded audiences as well... the music has the quality to do this. I wish they succeed with this as for sure this is one of the most interesting guitar orientated bands from The Netherlands. Even though they use more bass guitars as actual guitars... well... let's just say they are among the top indie bands of the country.

You can get a copy of this LP from the Enfant Terrible webshop and please go see the band live...