zondag 24 januari 2010

review: Five O'Clock Traffic - Aside From Dreams And Hallucinations

People who check my webshop stock from time to time will know I am big fan of the Börft label from Sweden. Since quite some time I sell about every release they put out next to some classic records they put out in the past. This Swedish cult label deserves more recognition I think... They started to spread music in the industrial/experimental pop styles in 1987. This is at the same time as fellow Swedish label Cold Meat Industry started their work. In the beginning they even shared some sounds and bands like Enema Syringe.
While Cold Meat Industry moved more and more into what you could call gothic territory Börft staid more true to their experimental and weird side.
Lately Börft suprised me with the great Kord 7 inch (see elsewhere on this blog) and the more then excellent return of noise cult act Enema Syringe on LP. Most recently the label came up with the new album by Five O' Clock Traffic. A Swedish elektro project by a member of industrial cult act Goz Mongo Alliance.
As Five O' Clock Traffic he already released two albums. One a rather dancefloor orientated elektro pop piece and the other more weird and experimental. The good thing about this new album is that it has elements of both these previous releases. Most of the tracks are perfect elektro pop for the dancefloor with a nice playful touch. In between you get served a few more weird and noisy pieces. This works wonderful for the dynamics throughout the record.
It has been a long time since I enjoyed elektro pop so much. Probably not since It & My Computer... too bad they stopped producing their fine tunes.
The albums comes in a nice three panel sleeve and is limited to 300 numbered copies. Simply a must have for any elektro pop fan. You can get a copy in the Enfant Terrible webshop here... I also have some of the Enema Syringe LP's... of course!

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