zaterdag 16 januari 2010

review: Chrome Dome - Negative Vibes

I was a bit blown away by this debut 7 inch of the Australian synth punk band Chrome Dome. It is not that I have never heard these kind of sounds or songs before. But what makes this band different is the energy and power that is so evident in the music. Next to that it has this rawness that is missing in most of the so called minimal synth bands today. Raw power with a touch of wierdness always triggers me and Chrome Dome hits these points very well.
This debut comes on tape and as a 7 inch with a cd with an extra track. These three tracks are enough to show the potential and the sound of the band. Think about the perfect mix of The Normal and Sixteens and then still with a harsher sound. Also it has the same energy as Crash Course In Science but the music is much more lo-fi in every sense of the word.
The A side of the 7 inch ('Negative Vibes') is a great pumping electronic punk piece with the nice touch of a tambourine in it. Both the B side ('Waste Of Time And Space') and the extra track ('Battered And Bruised') have an industrial touch due to some added machine noises.
Well... to sum it up... this is messy and noisy stuff and I love it. I am keeping an eye out for the next dose of moody electronic pulses from this band for sure.
Ah... the tape is sold out already and I have the last few copies of the 7 inch plus cd in my webshop...

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