donderdag 21 januari 2010

Enfant Terrible news: 3 new releases

Bran –Fuscum Subnigrum 7” EP (petit enfant 005)
distel – distel 7” EP (petit enfant 006)
Various – Gifgrond (ET003)

Out soon on Enfant Terrible will be two new records: one a true collector piece by French minimal synth act Bran and the other the debut by upcoming Dutch angstpop act distel. Also there is a special free release as give away for the next live event on Saturday 27 February in Holland.

Bran released two very limited artifacts on cd and in this tradition we now present the vinyl debut of this act. When it comes to the music Bran serves the fans of minimal synth for sure but don’t be surprised to come across some uncommon style elements too. This 7 inch is more of an artifact as a record as it comes with a booklet with drawings by the musician and hand printed covers with two different designs (also by the musician himself). Next to that the labels are hand stamped with self designed stamps. As this record is ultra limited to only two times 75 copies (75 copies of each cover design) it is bound to become a real collector piece very soon.

For the sounds of Bran go here...

Dutch angstpop (dark and slow synth pop) act distel (also active as drone/experimental act Hadewych) was already present on the compilation Radio Resistencia. This is the real debut release. Moody and gloomy soundscapes and whispered vocals (sometimes in Dutch) draw you into the world of distel. The music is poetic, sophisticated and above all a very intense listening experience.

For the sounds of distel go here...

For the second event co-production of Enfant Terrible and Gifgrond there will be a free compilation cassette at the door for the visitors of the event. This limited edition free cassette release features previously unreleased tracks by all three live acts of the night: Adolf Filter, Kord and Monster Apparat. The event takes place on Saturday 27 Febraury 2010 at the Gifgrond location: Gasthuisring 19G, Tilburg, Holland (5 minutes by foot from Tilburg Central Railway Station). We start at 21.00 hour and the entrance fee is 7 euros. See also on the Gifgrond website:

For the cassette go here....

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