donderdag 21 januari 2010

Enfant Terrible night with live Adolf Filter, Kord, Monster Apparat

For the second time Enfant Terrible and Gifgrond team up for a great night out. This time there will be three elektro live acts from Sweden on stage. Kord will open the night with his spacey and laidback elektro pop. Adolf Filter is going into a bit darker direction. Also the beat are louder. Early Front 242 is a reference they cannot escape.

Monster Apparat is a rather new project that started as a collaboration of Kord and Adolf Filter. The catchy elektro and robot pop will call to mind The Rorschach Garden from time to time even though Monster Apparat is much more dancefloor friendly.

Before, in between and after the live acts Dj M. will be spinning some obscure pop hits, weird 80’s elektro and distorted beats.

Kord on the web...
Adolf Filter on the web...
Monster Apparat on the web...
Enfant Terrible on the web...

For all information see also the Gifgrond website...

Damage: 7 euro (incl. cassette with 6 previously unreleased tracks by the 3 live acts - as long as they are available)
Starts: 21.00 uur
Ends: 03:00 uur
Location: Gasthuisring 19G, Tilburg, Holland (5 minutes from Tilburg Central Railway Station, route on Gifgrond website)

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