dinsdag 21 december 2010

review: Haus Arafna - You

It has been a few years since the last Haus Arafna album was released. "Butterfly" was released in 2003. This album showed a shift from more old school power electronics to more evident classic minimal electronics. Now seven years later "You" is released. At first listening the album felt to me like shifted more towards a contemporary November Növelet sound. But I was mistaken... very much...

While November Növelet has gone synth pop in a very cold and dark way, Haus Arafna goes (again) for full terror impact on all your senses. Opening tracks 'Pain To Love' and 'You Don't Believe Me' maybe sound a bit like the side project November Növelet but then 'You' and 'Judas Kiss' are making sure you know what you are listening to.

These tracks and also a piece like 'Colony Colapse' are absolute there to attack your nerve system. Throbbing, ultra dark, aggressive electronic pulses are aimed at your brain and body with success. Haus Arafna is one of the few music projects around that really knows how to combine interesting sound sculptures with music that really touches you... or maybe hurts you... anyway if this music does not do anything with you... well... you must be dead already...

Some other tracks are disturbing due to their moody, desolate and misanthrophic feeling that surrounds you while listening. For example 'Today You Died' and 'Lucifer' are truly haunting pieces of electronic music.

A masterpiece of sonic terror!!

Some copies of the decadent packaged vinyls are in the Enfant Terrible webshop...

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