dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

review: new bunch of psychedelic music

I have probably been listening longer to psychedelic music as to post-punk, industrial, elektro and that kind of stuff. Really since a long time psychedelic tunes have been filling the air in my living spaces. There are moments the records stay where they are, but there is always a time to get into this type of music again. Recently my interest has been attracted again both in the records that are in my collection already for a long time as well in new releases. Here a few recent releases I guess you should know about...

The record I am playing mostly right now is the album 'Powers Of Audition' by Jonas Reinhardt. This is truly a mindblowing piece of music. It has the spirit of the 1960's for sure but who cares as long as it is done good. And... this album is very good. You are taken away on waves on music... at times light and playful and at other moments more dark and haunting and from more ambient kind of pieces to psychedelic rock tunes.

Also very 1960's but with touches of 1970's is the new Wermut album 'Ether'. This new album might come as a surprise to some people familiar with this band. I guess most people know their minimal elektro tunes. Still this new album is very much Wermut if you have followed the bands releases and contributions to compilations. On 'Ether' you hear... well some Klaus Schulze to start with... that is for sure. The pulsating synth waves floating around are Kosmische Scene inspired without a doubt. But still... there is also a lot of Wermut in it... when it comes to the dark mood for example or the adding of post-industrial touches and of course the singing. I think this album with its four long tracks is great and a record which shows again this band is not to be pinned down on one or two or whatever genre and style.

Much darker and going into some sort of dark ambient style is the Attestupa record 'Begraven Mot Norr' on the great Release The Bats label. Picth black, very hauting and probably too experimental for most die hard acid heads but I am in love with this dark trip.

Not as much a black mass as the Attestupa but still dark is the Street Drinkers side of their split album with Skeppet. It has the same experimental note as the Attestupa so if are not sure if you can handle this music without ending up with a bad trip only play the Skeppet part of this release. That one is also my favorite but for other reasons. Skeppet brings together psychedelic pop without being pop, and in a trippy daydream sort of way, and some excellent lo-fi electronics. The two long tracks are just superb and a great soundtrack to doze off on a nice summer day. Together with the Jonas Reinhardt this music has been spinning a lot here...

To come down to Earth again there is the very nice new Woods album "At Echo Lake". If you listen to this and the previous Woods album you might think this was recorded in the 1960's. Psychedelic folk and acid rock are the game of Woods. It is done in this Greenwich Village sort of tradition but also with a typical West-Coast touch well ik just makes me happy all the time. It is charming and lovely and true authenthic hipster stuff.

The Wermut, the Attestupa and the Skeppet/Street Drinkers split are for sale at my webshop... for Jonas Reinhardt and Woods just ask your specialized local recordshop... they should have these or will be able to order them as they are distributed very well.

Have a happy trip...

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