dinsdag 9 november 2010

review: Puin+Hoop - Door

Maybe you know Dutch experimental band Puin+Hoop from their great track on the "Kamp Holland" compilation. In a way they play "ambient" or "drone" music. But... it is way too easy to classify this band like that. It would do them no justice at all.

The sounds these musicians create and the structures where these sounds are placed in go beyond the easy styles like dark ambient and drone music. That music is often very simple and most of the acts in that field of music sound the same. What sets Puin+Hoop apart from most of these acts is that their music is intelligent and adventurous.

References can be found in the worlds of free-jazz and contemporary classical music. Possibly a suiting way to describe the music by Puin+Hoop is electro-acoustic pop music. Still pop music as it also has a light touch... it is not hard to consume and you do not need to know anything about any theories on music to fully enjoy this music. You can simple sit back and tune in on the trip the musicians have prepared for you.

This album "Door" is released on Dutch label Narrominded, who also release Hunter Complex amongst others. You can get it on cd in a nice handmade cover or as free download.

Saturday 13 November 2010 they present this album with a night of live music and improvisation. Several artists will join Puin+Hoop on stage for some improvisation sessions. Among them Murw and Hunter Complex, for both see also "Kamp Holland". This concert night will take place in Theater Kikker, Utrecht, The Netherlands. See here for all details...

I look forward to hear much more adventurous music from these musicians. In the meantime there is "Door" and there are numerous self released cd-r's to enjoy.

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