zondag 24 oktober 2010

event: 12 Nov Enfant Terrible night live: Bronze / Death Sentence:PANDA! + performance Renée van Trier + dj's Rude66 / M / Kramp

Enfant Terrible presents: Bronze (USA), Death Sentence: PANDA! (USA) and Renée van Trier (NL)

Friday 12 November 2010 there is yet another Enfant Terrible label night. And, as many times before at the great OCCII place in Amsterdam, NL. This time on stage two exotic bands from the USA and a daring performance by upcoming Dutch artist Renée van Trier.

Live on stage will be Bronze and Death Sentence: Panda!. Bronze made a great debut with their vinyl single on Enfant Terrible last year. Retro psychedelic music done with a post-punk attitude is what they do. For the first time in Europe and thus for the first time on stage in Holland.

Listen to Bronze here...

Befriended band Death Sentence: PANDA! join Bronze on tour and have been a guest at the OCCII before. Arty and noisy post-punk is what you can expect. A fitting description of this band is that of a completely freaked out Le Georges Leningrad.

Listen to Death Sentence: PANDA! here...

As an entr’acte there is a performance by the upcoming Dutch artist Renée van Trier. Well informed people are aware that she is one of the two people involved with experimental elektro / neo wave act Milligram Retreat on Enfant Terrible. As an artist she is attracting more and more attention with her performance work and planned solo exhibitions. She is annoying, likes to confuse and wants to give you a bad feeling, but still all is done with a light touch of playful fun throughout her work.

Discover more about Renée van Trier here...

Dj’s Rude66, Kramp and M. will play some fitting not so fitting music.

We start at 22:00 uur and quit around 04:00 uur and the entrance is 7 Euro (including 1 euro for the OCCII restauration project). Location: OCCI, Amstelveenseweg 134, Amsterdam, NL. More information here and here...

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