dinsdag 11 augustus 2009

review: Various Artists - La Forme Lente 1

First release of a new French label that is as far as I can judge focussing on contemporary French cold wave sounds. This first LP is a compilation featuring ten bands which are mostly rather new/upcoming/obscure.
The thing with compilation LP's is that not many people (read label bosses/A&R managers) are capable of making a real good compilation. Mostly it is a mere collection of individual tracks with mostly mediocre bands and tracks and only one or two really interesting bands. Also the sequence of tracks is often hard to follow.
BUT... that is not the case with this record! I was quite happy surprised with this release. It shows the label has ears for talent and knows how to produce a good record. Only opening track is not really the best start of this compilation for my taste. Thing is a first track is easy to skip. Starting with track A2 you are drawn into the world of both guitar songs and electronic sounds by bands like Neon Tie Club, Garcons Coiffeurs (watch out for this band!), Dazed, Coy (excellent!!) and Underbahns.
Also two a little more known bands are present: Pierre Normal and ADN 'Ckrystall (active since the 80's) and are with Coy also the most electronic orientated.
Of course the usual references are there: 80's goth/post-punk and retro bands: Joy Division, Siouxsie, Interpol, et cetera, but the quality of most of the tracks is outstanding so why complain?
Looking forward to more from this label and eagerly waiting to see if they will keep the quality at this level.
This record is available as limited edition of 500 copies and you can get it at the Enfant Terrible mailorder (www.enfant-terrible.nl)

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