vrijdag 7 augustus 2009

new releases: Bronze and The Dreams/Scorpion Violente

Enfant Terrible news - August 2009

Two new 7 inches are ready. So if you need to
spice your summer/holiday up a bit these are
the perfect soundtracks for that:

-Bronze 7” (Hex#2)
-Scorpion violente/The Dreams split 7”(Hex#3)

Here are two wild 7”s on the Enfant Terrible
sublabel Hex Grammofoonplaten (after the
almost sold out and widely acclaimed
compilation LP released two years ago)…
one by neo psychedelic band Bronze (featuring
the drummer from Vanishing) and a split
record by synth punk / art punk bands The
Dreams and Scorpion Violente.

Listen to and read about Bronze:
Listen and read about Scorpion Violente/The Dreams:

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