dinsdag 11 augustus 2009

review: Alone - Fossilized In Concrete 1995-2006 (Treue Um Treue Tonträger)

Here is a new release from one of my personal favorite labels Treue Um Treue/Reue Um Reue Tonträger (TuT/RuR). Alone is a the arists name of a musician from Eastern Europe. For many years he has been producing his own style of electronic music. His repertoire shows elements of EBM, elektro and electronic pop music.
This LP compiles some of his work (some has been released on tape and cd-r before) from a period of about 10 years. The selection has been done with care as the listening experience is that of a real album.
Listening to this record I hear some influences popping up from bands like Trisomie 21, Click Click and Lassigue Bendthaus. All of course highly original and excellent electronic bands. Still Alone is not just a band that exists on these references. His music is quiet unique in its range of moods and has a sound of its own. My only point is that the vocal delivery on some tracks is not that good. Weird enough on others I have no problem at all with how the vocals are done and sounding.

As always with TuT/RuR release the packaging is more then excellent and fitting the music. This time there is next to the nice retro kind of cartoon sleeve also a fold out cartoon with some surrealistic touches. The vinyl itself is crystal clear. Ah... and also as always it is a limited edition... a little more then 300 copies are available. So, get it while you can at the label website (www.tutrur.com) or the Enfant Terrible mailorder (www.enfant-terrible.com)

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