zaterdag 21 januari 2012

sound previews for Logosamphia and Neurobit releases

Out during the first week op February are the cassettes by Neurobit - The War Of The Worlds (C60) and Logosamphia - Passage Omni (C20).

Neurobit treats us with his interpretation of the classic radio drama The War Of The Worlds from 1938. Here is an excerpt of this 60 minutes long piece...

Neurobit-The War Of The Worlds (excerpt) by EnfantTerribleNL

Next to that there is the ambient music of Logosamphia composed and performed entirely with the Omnichord. Here is a full track preview...

Logosamphia - Passage Omni I by EnfantTerribleNL

These cassettes are for sale (pre-order) already at Enfant Terrible webshop....

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