maandag 30 januari 2012

review: Epilektrician - Symmyriad / Vasareline

Since 1994 the Norwegian Etch Wear label launches into this world music releases... music releases for only true music lovers and the most adventurous of listeners. From time to time a new release appears and it is always a suprise what the label will come up next. Run by Europ Europ you might guess you are into some real sonic adventurous here. You can categorize most of the releases in the field of electronic music, but the sounds go from the weird to noise and from techno to rock.

Their latest release is a LP by Epilektrician who has been releasing music since 1996. This LP is a perfect showcase of how industrial techno should sound. It is noisy but not noise, it is minimal but not minimal techno, it is dark but not like gothic music... and so on.

It hits just all the right points for this type of music. I have to think about some Ant-Zen and Hymen music along the way... Hymen because of the IDM / technoid influences there. Ant-Zen... well mostly because the ritual touches the music has which call to mind This Morn' Omina. Still it is ritual in a different way. Less exotic and more cyberpunk maybe.

Both the ambient pieces as the hard hitting techno pieces have this ritual and trippy feeling all over. This music could work as a soundtrack for some Lovecraft story... like 'At The Mountains Of Madness'... just imagine exploring the dwellings of an advanced but pre-human civilization with this music as a score... I am tapping into that trip all the way right now...

This record is limited to only 100 copies... so... for the happy few only... I have some copies in the Enfant Terrible webshop...

Here is a full track preview...

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