dinsdag 1 februari 2011

review: Former Ghosts - New Love.

I read a few reviews that were not all that positive about this second album by Former Ghosts. Basically it came down to the same point: there is no spine-chilling track as 'The Bull And The Ram' on "New Love."

Well... yes that is true... and as much as I loved the first album ("Fleurs", for a review see the archive) I must say that "New Love." is even better as the debut album. While 'The Bull And The Ram' is a truly excellent piece it did lift the whole album to a higher level. Not that the other tracks were not good... but still this highlight was in the end almost all that stuck to your mind.

"New Love." is another story. The album is more cohesive with several really good tracks on it. In general the songs are more melodic and this gives the album a more accessible feeling. The debut was quite dissonant at some points. This new album has a much more gentle flow so to speak.

The records builts up much better and the most outstanding tracks are placed just in the right spots. This makes listening to the record a true pleasure and makes you keep coming back... not for one track but for all of the tunes.

Next to that the highlights of "New Love." are maybe not as mindblowing as 'The Bull And The Ram' but they are excellent on their own. For example 'New Orleans' is a fantastic elektro-wave piece with some late night dancefloor potential.

Zola Jesus' Nika Roza Danilova is also back on two tracks. But this time there is another guest vocalist, Yasmine Kittles, who is probably best know from fellow electronic outfit Tearist.

While Yasmine adds some well delivered whispering vocals, Nika does her typical vocal thingy on 'Chin-Up' and 'Only In Time' and is almost responsible again for the best track on a Former Ghosts album. Almost... as most outstanding is without a doubt 'Right Here' a track done only by Freddy Ruppert, so done also without his companion Jamie Stewart (from Xiu Xiu). A wonderful small melancholy piece. Like a new wave inspired Casiotone For The Painfully Alone in a way...

"New Love." is a great new album despite the fact that nothing truly new is happening compared with the first album, but still I think the more accessible side of Former Ghosts portrayed here is their best side so far...

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