dinsdag 15 februari 2011

Europ Europ: new video, new live show and new vinyl

From Norway comes the electronic outfit Europ Europ. They have been around since 1996 with various members in various line ups. Their sound is raw and noisy minimal electronics with some crazy poppy moments from time to time.

Out now is the new video for the new track 'This Song Makes Me Cry'. This track will be released soon on vinyl on the Etch Wear label, run by the band members themselves. Later this year there will be another vinyl release on Enfant Terrible.

See the excellent new videoclip for this track from the upcoming release here...

Also Europ Europ will perform live on April 2 in Holland at the Soirée Enfant Terrible at Theater Kikker in Utrecht. This is a change to see this band on one of their seldom trips outside Scandinavia.

In the meantime there is an excellent 7 inch and a equally good 12" for sale in the Enfant Terrible webshop. Both are limited editions and the 7" comes in handmade sleeves of which no two are the same. See here...

Adventurous music for the well informed!

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