woensdag 2 december 2009

review: Low Red Center

Today a small pile of the debut 10 inch by USA based band Low Red Center was delivered. Since I opened the package and put a copy on the turntable I did not play anything else anymore this day.

Low Red Center is more of a performance group then a traditional band thing. The live shows I have read about seems to feature costumes, theatrical aspects and such... hopefully they are coming over to Europe some day soon... Also it is a group of musicians with some experience as members are also active in Medio Mutante and Zom Zoms for example.

Anyway the music... well you could qualify this as minimal synth but it is sounding less harsh and raw and is richer in sounds and textures. It has none of the clich├ęs of the style and that is what makes it so good... even outstanding.

The sound is quite light and warm and playful. Still it is lo-fi and unpolished. Well basically it has all that good post-punk music should have... Maybe think about the experimental side of The Dreams and mix this with the melancholy side of Kim Ki O and put in a bit of Los Iniciados and you get pretty close to what they sound like.

This 10 inch is their debut vinyl release on S-S Records (there is also a 7 inch out now on another label) and it is simply lovely! I hope the future will bring more nice tunes from this band... meanwhile you can get a copy of this 10 inch in my webshop...

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  1. Since reading your post a checked out Low Red Center and was blown away! Thanks for the heads up on this great act.

    David Hitt
    Song Placements

  2. nice to see I put on the track to this great band!


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