donderdag 10 december 2009

review: Former Ghosts - Fleurs

It is funny... Cold Cave has a good rumor going on, Former Ghosts is following close after them (mainly because of sharing musicians and performing together) and Agent Side Grinder is just around the corner. This "neo wave" is nothing new at all... as followers of my label know. It is right now maybe just (again) the next hype for some journalists and labels... well I hope not... I rather see this music to be taken seriously and getting the credits it deserves. It is much more daring as the music from the contemporary gothic scene (also a sort of neo wave). Which is often nothing less as simple and cheesy Garageband/Fruityloops dancefloor music with some distorted vocals.

Anyway... Former Ghosts... what a debut album they have delivered. Too be honest 'Fleurs' did not attract my full attention when I first put it on. But... after the album was finished I put it on again and again and again... The thing is that the first few songs are not outstanding... compared to the rest of the album that is. Maybe it will appeal to some peope who are looking for a not everyday but still dancefloor type of song in the 80's new wave / cold wave tradition.

My advice is to skip the first three songs and then plunge into the dark, moody and eerie sounds of Former Ghosts. The thing that sets this band apart from many other bands in the neo wave scene is that the electronic music sounds fresh and crispy. It has some cuts and clicks moments and quite clear and nice melody lines. Most bands who play this style of music have a dominating analogue sound (do not get me wrong... I like that) with lots of distortion all over it. So, not Former Ghosts.

The vocals are rather eerie and in the background a bit muffled too. The combination with the music is like an updated version of Trisomie 21 to give at least one reference.

My absolute favorite tracks are those that feature the singer from Zola Jesus. It gives me shivers all over. 'In Earth's Palm' and especially 'The Bull And The Ram' would fit perfectly in a David Lynch film. You know in a scene in some strange and run down or otherwise unsettling bar or roadhouse. With a singer on stage who seems to be half fainting or anything... well I guess you get the picture.

To conclude... wow! What a record. I should get some copies for my webshop soon...

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  1. Wow, this really is an interesting album! Thank you for the tip :)

  2. you are welcome! Thanks for reading the blog!

  3. Wow, I just realized that they're a local band for me, and that I just missed a show on the 13th..... a show just 5 minutes from my home!

    Bummer ;)

  4. I am hoping to catch them live here... and you miss them! :)


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