zaterdag 12 mei 2012

Full track previews for the Europ Europ release and the Les Années Folles compilation

Expected around early June is an Europ Europ release as well as the first release on the new Enfant Terrible sublabel Gooiland Elektro.

The Europ Europ record is a 10" mini LP entitled Europ Europ Curated By Enfant Terrible - Mellowharsher. Below you find a full track preview.

The first Gooiland Elektro release is a compilation entitled Les Années Folles featuring exclusive tracks by Sololust, Velvet Condom, Gold Zebra, Cute Heels feat. Devon Disaster, Tobias Bernstrup and Terminal Twilight. Below is the track by Sololust called The Spark as full track preview.

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