woensdag 14 december 2011

review: Optic Nest - Entertainment

Optic Nest... for some years I only had that nice 7 inch with two crazy slow psychedelic minimal electronic tracks on it. Stuff that is working its way up from a Silver Apples heritage but that is also for sure from a different planet of its own. And now this LP... amazing... simply amazing... goodbye Silver Apples reference and hello other weirdness... still psychedelic at times more mostly just twisted and not of thisd place and way beyond your average (minimal) music.

This LP (again on Moptaco Dics)... well if released in the 80's this would have been collector stuff on discogs and ebay now... but now... I am afraid only for the real connoisseur... a piece for freaks and adventurous listeners... Think WSDP releases with a less punk / NDW twist and a more minimal music touch or maybe Thorax-Wach on acid...

The 7 inch convinced me already and had me hooked for years... this LP... I am a believer now... a follower... this LP is still working it way into my system deeper and deeper... get this or be ignorant... it is as simple as that...

I have some copies at the webshop and here is one full track...

Optic Nest - The Well Stirred Wild by Moptaco Dics

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