woensdag 2 september 2009

review: Plasto Beton 7 inch

I am not a 100% sure who are all in this band but at least it features people involved in The Dreams and Scorpion Violente. Those two bands both have their own style of synth punk and released recently a split 7 inch on my label Hex Grammofoonplaten / Enfant Terrible.

Plasto Beton is more obvious punk orientated as either The Dreams or Scorpion Violente. The synth is not the main instument as with Scorpion Violente and it has less of a bohemian and DaDa-istic touch as The Dreams have.

So yes it is punk but built around guitar, rhythm and vocals and all is sounding noisy. Opening track 'A 31' is indeed very noisy. ' Ete 1983' is slower and also more sleazy and sounding meaner. It reminds me in away of the ICK 7 inch I put out a few years ago.

The B side features two more trashy and noisy synth punk tracks in which the French elektro punk tradition is more then evident.

Plasto Beton has delivered an excellent uncompromising 7 inch EP. Possibly too noisy for some synth fans but if you like that dirty and weird French twist on punk and synth stuff you have nothing to fear.

A few copies are still left at the Enfant Terrible webshop: www.enfant-terrible.nl/

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  1. these guys are rad, saw them live and it was awesome.
    there is also a member of ah kraken playing in this band...


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